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Member Schools


  • The Northwest Collegiate Cycling Conference has active cycling teams in Montana, Oregon, Washington, parts of Idaho, and British Columbia, Canada.
  • A list of member schools can be found by clicking on a state below. If your school is not listed and you wish to create a team in the NWCCC, you can follow these easy steps:
  • Your team needs to be registered with USA Cycling. This can be done by completing several forms found on this page. The cost to register a team is $100.
    Once your team is registered with USA Cycling, riders can go to the USA Cycling website and purchase a collegiate racing license and affiliate with your school team. Please note that your team must be registered BEFORE they can affiliate with the team.
  • Send an email to the conference director notifying them of your new team and the team points of contact. The team information will be added to the list of registered schools in the conference. From there, the team points of contact will be subscribed on the conference mailing list.