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Tag: nwccc


First Week Is Coming!

Bike racers (and bike teams): I received the following in my email the other day: The sender says that the OSU beavers are setting themselves up to scare away all of the local competition. I thought that was weird because OSU is like 100s of miles away from EWU. Maybe it is because OSU can…
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Meet the 2018 NWCCC Board

Ever wondered who keeps this here show going, year after year? (Hint: it’s Miles.) Besides the illustrious Mr. Crumley, we thought we’d help you get to know the folks who are making the NWCCC go this year. First up, the grownups:                       Name: Logan Fox…
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Rosters for 2018 Road Season are Due!

Hi All, Former Conference Director here. We at the NWCCC are getting ready for the Spring 2018 Road season. To help us with registration, please complete this roster (LINK) for all riders on your team. Logan will get back to you with changes (if any). You can also have your riders fill it. Then we…
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2018 Season UPDATE

Hello NWCCC! The 2018 racing season is almost upon us. We hope you are hitting the books hard and having fun on the bike. Here are some things we would like you to know in order to prepare. Conference Director Our new conference directors this year are Logan Fox and Rory Jack, both of whom…
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