2019 NWCCC Championships Recap

All photos courtesy of Joe Flannery (Portland State University). Thanks, Joe!

Weather (and Public Health) Bulletin

It was a wet, windy, cloudy, and sunny weekend of bike racing on the Palouse. As always, University of Idaho organized a great weekend of competition. Racers were treated to 30+ mph winds all day Saturday. A bonus, spring favorite blessed the road race: vigorous, sideways hail. Course anti-records were posted in the team time trial. Or perhaps this was the conference paying tribute to University of Idaho’s famed “Take-Your-Time Trial”? In any case, the crit went off with off without much notable weather, though there was some notable, inter-team chamois sharing. This was either a display of the strong bond between Northwest Collegiate teams or a public health concern—we’ll let you be the judge.

Our Esteemed Conference Director, Logan

Final Conference Standings

Men A Overall Podium

For the Men A, Jordan Chapman (University of Idaho) claimed the season overall with a podium finish in the road race. Christopher Clancy (Oregon State University) took the win in the criterium to secure second, and Justin Ziehnert (University of Oregon) followed to take third.

In the Men BDeclan Kelly (University of British Columbia) retained his overall lead to take the top spot. Clay Allred (University of Idaho) took second, and Nate Li (University of Washington) third.

And for the Men C, a podium finish in the criterium saw Johnny Esteban (Seattle University) on the top step with criterium winner Noah Libeskind (Whitman College) in second and Aiden McClinton (Western Washington University) in third.

Women A Overall Podium

In the Women A, Aileen Pannecoucke (University of Idaho) won both her races to the top the season standings with a 350-point lead. Gillian Bergmann (Oregon State University) bested Anna Johnson (Western Washington University) to claim second place.

For the Women B, Erika Francouer (Western Washington University) bested Fiona Majendie (University of British Columbia) for the overall victory. Rachel Thody (Western Washington University) held out for third.

Double victories in the Women C field helped May Constabel (University of British Columbia) to her season title, and Hannah Davis (University of Oregon) and Tenley Ong (University of Oregon) rounded out the podium in second and third. 

Women C Overall Podium

For the Pacific Northwest Women’s Series, NWCCC alum Margaux McBirney (Liquid Velo) claimed the leaders’s jersey generously provided by Castelli for the Women 1/2/3 category. Nicole Mohrbacher (Team Thrive p/b Kaiser Permanente) was awarded second, and Mckenna McKee (Grixsen) took third overall.

In the Women 4 category, Kristen Deibler (Liquid Velo) claimed first, with Carolyn Fealk (Team Thrive p/b Kaiser Permanente) in second followed by Rachel Wood (Team Thrive p/b Kaiser Permanente)

Charlotte Gamble (Liquid Velo) was the overall winner in the Women 5 field, followed by Kimberly Dowe (Team Kimberly)and Zoey Bailey (Corvallis Bicycle Collective). 

Pacific Northwest Women’s Series Overall 1/2/3 Podium

And finally, this season was notable in that our friendly neighbors to the north, University of British Columbia, swept the conference standings for the first time ever. We are very grateful that they have graciously agreed to share the secrets to their recruiting tactics, even though doing so might endanger their future hold on conference glory. Following in second was the University of Idaho and Western Washington University in third.

NWCCC Team Omnium Podium

Looking Forward

We would like to wish Gillian Bergmann, Christopher Clancy, Jordan Chapman, Keelan Ontiveros, and Justin Ziehnert the best of luck at Collegiate Road Nationals in Augusta, GA this weekend! Enjoy the other coast and those ITTs!

As always, we are extremely proud of our team captains, race directors, and each and every rider for making this conference go. And we couldn’t do it without the sponsors, parents, friends, and volunteers who sustain us! Thank you all for a great season, and best of luck to all of the teams with your recruiting efforts next fall!

First Week Is Coming!

Bike racers (and bike teams):

I received the following in my email the other day:

The sender says that the OSU beavers are setting themselves up to scare away all of the local competition. I thought that was weird because OSU is like 100s of miles away from EWU. Maybe it is because OSU can basically swim to all of the events.

Either way, that picture is pretty convincing to me.

Logan sent out rosters last week so it is time to register. Please pre-register. It will save time at registration. Plus, all you have to do is pickup numbers, hand in waivers, go make new friends. Everyone likes that right?

Or, if you enjoy standing in the cold and rain negotiating how you are going to pay and get those waivers signed, that option is also available. We do not prefer that option. But it is there.

Head on over to here, submit your form, and let’s do some bike racing.

Ghost of Conference Director’s past

Meet the 2018 NWCCC Board

WWU getting lucky at 2017 Conference Champs. Win, and this could be you (or just ask nicely).

Ever wondered who keeps this here show going, year after year? (Hint: it’s Miles.) Besides the illustrious Mr. Crumley, we thought we’d help you get to know the folks who are making the NWCCC go this year. First up, the grownups:












Name: Logan Fox
Position: Conference Director
Residence: Portland, OR
Do you still race? For whom? The last time I raced a bike was in 2015, although I’ve watched quite a few since then.
Favorite hot beverage for a bike race? My favorite hot beverage in any scenario is coffee
Favorite bicycle? My favorite bike is my Chris Boardman track bike, although I haven’t ridden in a while. A close second favorite is my Surly cross-check I use for commuting–which is kind of like racing, but scarier and more competitive.









Name: Miles J. Crumley
Position: Chair of NWCCC Board
Residence: Portland, OR
Do you still race? For whom? No, but I used to race for Sellwood Cycle Repair.
Favorite hot beverage: Coffee, black
Favorite bicycle: Kona Paddy Wagon










Name: Zach Maino (ZachDad)
Position: Technical Manager/WSBA Liaison
Residence: Seattle, WA
Do you still race? I am a Cat 2 on the road, but I have not raced in a few years. My goal is to return to racing (at least a little bit) this season
Favorite hot beverage: If I am riding, I prefer hot chocolate for the calories. If I am officiating, I prefer coffee to stay awake.
Favorite bicycle: I own two road bikes, a time trial bike and a CX bike. My TT bike has been used by friends and teammates FAR more than it has by me (I hate time trials). My favorite bike is my Felt FC frame built with SRAM Red. I managed to destroy my first FC frame in a crash.


Next we have the “kids”, those of us who just graduated or are still finishing up but really wanted to make sure that our sport keeps on:












Name: Fiona Bennitt
Position: Webmaster, Assistant Women’s Coordinator
Residence: Walla Walla, WA
Do you still race? I couldn’t ride for a couple years due to injury, so now that I have put in my time rehabbing, I want to race all the time! I graduated from Whitman in 2017, and I ride for Razzle Dazzle NW. I am inspired by all the folks pushing for diversity/inclusion in the women’s peloton.
Favorite hot beverage: Coffee.
Favorite bicycle: Agnes, my blue cross bike: I have raced cross, chased QOMs, toured, commuted and explored new cities with her for nearly a decade. Not to be skipped are Helen, my rad road bike, and Eva, my steel, 27.5 hardtail who rides smooth and surprisingly fast on xc courses despite being an all-mountain gal. I sometimes flail down freeride trails, too; it builds character.












Name: James Bishop
Position: Team Liaison
Residence: Woodinville, WA
Do you still race? I used to race for the University of Washington. Now that I’ve graduated I plan to continue racing with my USAC team, Hedrick Racing.
Favorite hot beverage: Hot chocolate, I’m not much of a coffee drinker.
Favorite bicycle: My first road racing bike was a Cannondale Supersix, which is what I still race with now. I also have a Surly Crosscheck that I built up myself for cyclocross.












Name: Victoria Jansen
Position: Women’s Coordinator
Residence: Corvallis, OR
Do you still race? I am finishing my last year at OSU. I raced OBRA for the first-time last year, racing for Team O, but am currently looking for a new race team because I would like to race for an all-women’s team!
Favorite hot beverage: Any type of tea! Black, green, chai, ginger, rose….all the teas
Favorite bicycle: My Giant TCR! So blue! So pretty! And carbon! Did I mention it’s pretty? I also have a Raleigh Merit that I use as my rain bike. Oh! I cannot forget to mention my pink bike. My first ever adult bike, a pink steel frame Univega with the most comfortable seat. When I first got it, I put a basket that I wove fake flowers into, bought some bright pink panniers for it when I was in Holland visiting family, and rode around everywhere on it! Now it’s a little frustrating because its falling apart. It’s a love/hate relationship.







Name: Jim Labayen
Position: Event coordinator
Residence: Tacoma, WA
Do you still race? I work weekends a lot, so I usually am not in the racing scene anymore. When I do get the chance, I’m racing for the people and things who inspire me to rides bikes — the folks at Western Washington University, the NWCCC, Randall Fox, and The Major Taylor Project.
Favorite hot beverage: This might sound cliche, but it’s coffee. I drink coffee about once every two weeks, so it really gives me a kick for races. And if I lose the race, I typically always win the race to the bathroom.
Favorite bicycle? I’m fairly cross-discipline in cycling, whether it’s crushing my local KOMs on the road, tripping over barriers in cyclocross, mountain biking, or my true love, touring. One of my bikes that can “kind of” do all of these is my gravel bike. I don’t really like brand endorsements, so it’s a bright orange disc bike that I call King Louie because he’s a little thick, but has some oomph when it’s needed.









Name: Margaux McBirney
Position: Race Director
Residence: Seattle, WA
Do you still race? I don’t know right now. Looking at teams in Seattle! Formerly WSU.
Favorite hot beverage: Coffee
Favorite bicycle: I (only) own two, a road and a cross bike, both of which I love!









Name: Scott Sturges
Position: Race Director and Official
Residence: Seattle, WA
Do you still race? Currently race road and cyclocross for Palouse Bicycle Racing.
Favorite hot beverage: Black coffee before rides & Earl Grey tea after.
Favorite bicycle: Anything with two wheels.


Conference 2017, Logan, and Miles photos by Ozzy Duran. Margaux and Scott photos by Bryan MacDonald.

Rosters for 2018 Road Season are Due!

Hi All,

Former Conference Director here.

We at the NWCCC are getting ready for the Spring 2018 Road season. To help us with registration, please complete this roster (LINK) for all riders on your team. Logan will get back to you with changes (if any). You can also have your riders fill it.

Then we begin the long process of assigning bib numbers. Want to be number one? Don’t delay.

See you soon!


2018 Season UPDATE

Hello NWCCC!

The 2018 racing season is almost upon us. We hope you are hitting the books hard and having fun on the bike. Here are some things we would like you to know in order to prepare.

Conference Director
Our new conference directors this year are Logan Fox and Rory Jack, both of whom are University of Washington and NWCCC alumni. Thank you to these fine gents.

Since I joined the conference in 2014 and graduated in ’17, every year Miles Crumley said he would step down as conference director. Like Phil Gaimon, he might be the worst at retiring. Unfortunately, last year he followed through. He was and still is one of the primary reasons for several seasons of success, and he cannot be thanked enough. We love you Miles!

Miles at 2017 Conference Champs with the NWCCC Champs, Sophie Andrews (UO) and Timmy Welsh (UW). Photo by Gillian Bergmann.

Conference Fee
The new recommended omnium race fee for any given weekend is now $60 (as opposed to $50 in the past several years). This is due to significant shortcomings in the conference budget combined with increased expenses. Race fees are determined by the hosting school, so this is simply a recommended fee structure to make sure the host school and our beloved conference can make it through a race weekend without losing money.

Thanks to Fiona’s brother, Arthur Bennitt, for designing the logo!

Pacific Northwest Women’s Series
Amateur women are now able to race alongside collegiate women in their equivalent category:
• Pro, Cat. 1, 2, 3 = Collegiate A
• Cat. 3 or 4 = Collegiate B
• Cat. 4 or 5 = Collegiate C
Accordingly, Women A will no longer race with Men B. Bigger fields = more friends and more drafting. What’s not to like? Tell your friends, local shops, clubs, etc.

We now have pre-registration available on the NWCCC website, allowing you to pay online or request an invoice. Pre-registration makes Saturday mornings less stressful for both the teams and the officials, so please… do it! See “FAQ” for instructions then go to “Registration.” Your NWCCC overlords thank you: https://nwcollegiatecycling.us/registration/

Women of the NWCCC
Women of the NWCCC is a blog dedicated to promoting women’s cycling and championing our women/trans*/femme-identified riders. To learn more, contribute, or even be featured in an article, visit: https://womenofthenwccc.weebly.com/

Thank you for reading!

Things you can look forward to while you count down days on the calendar:
• Corner one at the OSU Criterium.
• The North Shore TTT. You know it’s the best one.
• Make a Snapchat video of yourself saying “ski-ub uh-dire stell.” Swipe right until you get to the reverse filter. Just do it. Trust us.
• Spectating the Whitman Road Race from the top of that one hill… yeah, that one.
• Climbing up Lewis & Clark Caverns at the MSU Road Race (lol jk).

Drink your coffee, grab your cowbells, and pile into your cars. We’ll see you at OSU!

-Jim Labayen, WWU ’17, NWCCC Board Member