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Author: Fiona Bennitt


2019 NWCCC Championships Recap

All photos courtesy of Joe Flannery (Portland State University). Thanks, Joe! Weather (and Public Health) Bulletin It was a wet, windy, cloudy, and sunny weekend of bike racing on the Palouse. As always, University of Idaho organized a great weekend of competition. Racers were treated to 30+ mph winds all day Saturday. A bonus, spring…
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NWCCC Seeks Sponsors for 2019 Season

Hello all! The NWCCC Board is seeking sponsors for the 2019 season. If you would like to make grassroots, collegiate cycling happen, please let us know! The sponsorship packet can be found below. All inquiries should be directed to Victoria Jansen: 2019 Sponsorship Packet


By Rachel Thody I am lucky I get to use that word pretty frequently. I even apply that term to my people outside of the cycling community. ‘Teammate’ is a very valuable name for one to be referred as. It is a special bond that surpasses the cozy and safe features of a friendship, or…
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Meet Cassie

​I got to talk to Cassie Cardoza (Dickerson) about how the women she races with inspire her, what its like to be a female bike mechanic in a male dominated industry, and why it is important to her that her husband also rides and races. Oh, and why Slim Jims are the best gas station…
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Meet Kimberley

​I got to talk with Kimberly Johnson – Seattle Pacific University Cycling/NWCCC Alumnus – about how she started the SPU Cycling Team and about her time racing on the Kowalski’s Collegiate All-Stars Team and as a domestic elite racer! Many collegiate riders dream of someday racing at a domestic elite level. Some collegiate riders are…
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Meet Sophie

Sophie Andrews of U of O and I talk about collegiate racing, moving up to the 1/2s, the female athlete triad, and eating disorders.  A few weeks ago I was on Instagram taking a look at those Insta stories, when I came across Sophie’s story. Over the course of a few posts, Sophie shared with…
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Meet Anna, Kate, and Rachel!

I got to chat with the ladies of Western Washington University. And what did we talk about? Well bikes of course! Mountain bikes, road bikes, women on bikes. We talked about it all. Take a listen! Honorable Mentions (links): NICA Oregon NICA Washington SEA TRI KAN Ride ​OBRA 21 and Under License ​Inga Thompson Foundation…
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Meet Becca

Our podcast is back, kicking it off with Whitman Cycling alumnus Becca Mellema! I met Becca for the first time this year as she made her way back to racing through the Pacific Northwest Women’s Series. In her interview we talked about how she got into racing bikes, the women that kept her going, collegiate…
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2018 Series Recap

Hey everyone! Sorry that this is SO LATE! But better late than never! Check out the link below for a recap on the 2018 Pacific Northwest Women’s Series! -Victoria Jansen

First Week Is Coming!

Bike racers (and bike teams): I received the following in my email the other day: The sender says that the OSU beavers are setting themselves up to scare away all of the local competition. I thought that was weird because OSU is like 100s of miles away from EWU. Maybe it is because OSU can…
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