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First Week Is Coming!


First Week Is Coming!

Bike racers (and bike teams):

I received the following in my email the other day:

The sender says that the OSU beavers are setting themselves up to scare away all of the local competition. I thought that was weird because OSU is like 100s of miles away from EWU. Maybe it is because OSU can basically swim to all of the events.

Either way, that picture is pretty convincing to me.

Logan sent out rosters last week so it is time to register. Please pre-register. It will save time at registration. Plus, all you have to do is pickup numbers, hand in waivers, go make new friends. Everyone likes that right?

Or, if you enjoy standing in the cold and rain negotiating how you are going to pay and get those waivers signed, that option is also available. We do not prefer that option. But it is there.

Head on over to here, submit your form, and let’s do some bike racing.

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