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Meet Cassie


Meet Cassie

​I got to talk to Cassie Cardoza (Dickerson) about how the women she races with inspire her, what its like to be a female bike mechanic in a male dominated industry, and why it is important to her that her husband also rides and races. Oh, and why Slim Jims are the best gas station ride food option.

It all started when Cassie’s mom asked Cassie to do a triathlon with her. Running and swimming? Nah. She was not into it. But bikes. Cassie was hooked on bikes. Cassie raced for two teams during her time at the NWCCC – CWU and MSU. Now living in Tulsa, Cassie teaches K-5 music, is a part time bike mechanic at City Cycles in Jenks, OK, is a full time dog mom to 2 Australian Shepherds, and races for Team Isocentric. Check out our entire conversation in the podcast below!

BTW, Cassie is an amazing cello player! Check out her Soundcloud here!

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