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Meet Kimberley


Meet Kimberley

​I got to talk with Kimberly Johnson – Seattle Pacific University Cycling/NWCCC Alumnus – about how she started the SPU Cycling Team and about her time racing on the Kowalski’s Collegiate All-Stars Team and as a domestic elite racer!

Many collegiate riders dream of someday racing at a domestic elite level. Some collegiate riders are lucky enough to get the break that takes them in that direction. Kimberley was one of those riders, racing 5 years as a domestic elite racer on various teams including Kowalski’s Collegiate All-Stars Team, Birchwood Cycling, Naked Women’s Racing, and Cloud Racing p/b Ride to Recover.

In my recent interview with Kimberley we talked about her experience getting into racing as a Junior on the team B.Y.R.D.S, racing as a domestic elite racer, recovering from a major injury, and the advice she would give her younger racer self.

​Podcast Note: After some research, it does not look like the Collegiate All Star Program still exists. Currently, USAC has a Academic All Star Program, that can be found here.

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