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Meet Margaux


Meet Margaux

One of my favorite memories from NWCCC racing was when the start of the women’s race was delayed due to a cattle drive occupying the road!

Name: Margaux McBirney
Hometown: Sandpoint
School & Grad Year: Washington State University, December 2017
Years you raced in the NWCCC: 2

If you had to choose only one type of riding, which would it be: Cross, Mountain, or Road? Why?

If I had to choose one, it would be road cycling because it is so dynamic. Road cycling offers such an opportunity for discovering new places, pushing yourself, and experiencing different types of riding, be is fast and flat, or climbing beautiful mountains. For me, road racing is also so fun and interesting because of the camaraderie, rider dynamics, and challenges.

How did you get into riding/racing bikes?
After my first year of college, and riding horses for 15 years, I decided I needed a new, somewhat less expensive sport and decided on cycling! Both my parents had done some road cycling, so I had a little introduction. In the fall of my sophomore year I joined the WSU cycling club, and after some riding that year (and convincing!) I did my first two collegiate race weekends in the spring. It was a blast! Since then, I have done more road racing, as well as cyclocross.

What is your favorite memory from racing in the NWCCC?
One of my favorite memories from NWCCC racing was when the start of the women’s race was delayed due to a cattle drive occupying the road! Also, anything silly Miles has ever done!

Which NWCCC race is your favorite and why?
My favorite race is the MSU Bozeman race because the course is so unique and the scenery is beautiful! Plus, the climb at the end really makes you dig deep and push yourself. ​

What does women’s racing mean to you?
At a time in cycling when participation seems to waning, women’s racing and cycling is particularly important. To me, women’s cycling is empowering, and provides women with a supportive environment where we can be ourselves, be competitive, and have fun. Especially during college, which can be so taxing at times, cycling and the other women offer an outlet and a reassurance of our strength and capabilities.

Why do you race bikes?
I race bikes to have fun, be a little competitive and to push myself. Having the goal of a race motivates me to train just a little bit harder than I might otherwise, and it pushes me to dig deep. During a race you can really get a feeling for your strength, and although it doesn’t always go how you might want, it is really fun when you surprise yourself and feel like you accomplished a goal! Not to mention, collegiate racing is so much fun. The people are great, and despite the long drives and sometimes terrible weather, I am always ready to do it again!

​Favorite on-the-bike food?
Fig bars!

​Thanks for sharing Margaux!

-Victoria Jansen