Registration Procedures




“How do we register for races?”
Registration will take place at the Saturday morning before each race as follows:

  • The team leaders will receive a roster prior to registration and will indicate how many riders will be racing in each event:
  • Riders may choose to do all (omnium) or some events (Road Race, Team Time Trial, and/or Criterium).
  • The team leader will then mark Team Time Trial captains.
  • The team leader will hand the registrar a stack of waivers including waivers requested by the event promoter.
  • The team leader will inform the registrar of anyone purchasing licenses on site:
  • ONE-day licenses are good for ONE day which means if a rider races in two weekends of racing ($10 x 4 days) then they should buy a collegiate annual ($45 for the year).
  • Collegiate Annual License ($45) – Good in any collegiate race or a race with collegiate categories
  • The team leader will inform the registrar of anyone who has lost their bib number. Replacement bib numbers are $5 for the first set, $10 for the second set, and so forth.
  • The registrar will then fill out the chit and give the total cost to the team leader.
  • The conference will then receive payment (see below) from said team leader.
  • The registrar will hand the rider bib numbers for those that have not picked them up.
  • The riders will go race.
  • While everyone is racing, the registrar will prepare and send out to receipts for those that want them.

Please note that the team leader registers the team; individual riders do not register themselves (unless you are a team of 1).

The conference accepts payment for races in several forms:

  • Good ol’ cash
  • Good ol’ checks
  • Onsite Credit Card payments
  • Purchase Order (it is like cash but not quite)
  • Invoice

If you are paying via purchase order or request an invoice, we will create an invoice after the race and send it out via email either the day of registration or the Monday following. Some schools will pay the invoice via via paypal using a credit card or via check mailed to my PO Box.

It does not matter to me how I receive payment nor do I have a preference. Much like your local food establishment, I can split the tab up and accept any combination of the above. If you are going to split up payment, please heed the words of Scar:

Scar from The Lion King
The conference does not accept these as forms of race entry fee payment:

  • IOUs
  • hugs and coffee
  • Bitcoins
  • old medals and trophies
  • garbage
  • sass


“Miles, I want to upgrade”

As you begin to progress in your cycling career, you will at some point want to upgrade your race category. This is a very simple process but for some reason becomes super complicated in practice.

First, adhere to the following deadlines when submitting upgrades:

  • All rider upgrades must be submitted by the Wednesday before the next race weekend at noon. Yes, there is a timestamp.
  • I strictly enforce deadlines.
  • I do not upgrade people on site.

I do not process the upgrades until Wednesday night with a fine glass of scotch in hand.

Secondly, here is how to submit a race upgrade and not make the person processing the upgrade groan with utter disdain. The name of the game is proof.

  • You will need a race resume. The resume consists of the following:
  • Date of the race
  • Name of the race
  • Type of Race (road race or criterium).
  • Please note that only MASS START events count for road upgrades.
  • When you send your resume, send all of your race results (except ITT/TTT).
    • Number of Starters
    • Your finish place


  • “I have proof of Cat X license with whatever organization” (see below – Yes, I do verify)
  • Go into your USA Cycling account and request an upgrade.
  • Copy and paste your resume into the box and hit ‘submit.’

That is when myself/your Local Administrator (LA) step in. In general:

  • For D to C upgrades, it is required that you have finished 10 mass start races.
  • For C to B upgrades, you have to have proof of 15 upgrade points or 10 mass start race finishes with 5 top-10 finishes.
  • For B to A upgrades you need 15 upgrade points. USA Cycling has a detailed matrix included below that we refer to when processing your request. You will note that we upgrade based on difficulty, which is defined as the number of starters in the race and the race type.

Matrices for computing upgrade points can be found here: USAC Rulebook – Chapter 1 – General Regulations

I then tally up the points and either you get upgraded or not. That is where the scotch comes in.

Third, this conference does recognize experience in races no matter where you did them (looking at you international riders) and licenses from other racing organizations (looking at you OBRA members). There is a complicated matrix for using cyclocross and track results but I cross that bridge only as needed.

Skeptic Cat
I do not accept as proof for license upgrade any of the following:

  • “I am fast”
  • “My teammates think I am fast”
  • “I do not want to race with that group because it is a crash fest”
  • “I love Miles”
  • “Upgrade me and I will bring you coffee at every race”

If you or your riders have questions, they are more than welcome to email, call, or find me at a race.