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Welcome to the home page of the Northwest Collegiate Cycling Conference, an organization of club cycling teams from colleges and universities in the Northwest. This website contains information on USA Cycling Collegiate and conference bylaws, upcoming events, results, club contacts, and photos from events.

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2017 Road Schedule

The 2017 Road Schedule has been posted online under schedules.

OSU Randall Jersey

Randall Fox Memorial Fund

On March 26, 2016, tragedy struck, leading to the loss of a young man in his prime, and robbing the world of his future achievements. Randall Fox was a graduate student at Oregon State University, working on his PhD in mechanical engineering. A former collegiate runner- turned avid cyclist, Randall was racing for the Oregon State cycling team at an event hosted by the University of Washington when he lost control of his bicycle during a descent. Randall passed away the following day as a result of injuries from the accident.

To honor Randall's memory, Randall's wife, Leslie, and the Oregon State Cycling Team are working together to establish an academic scholarship for cyclists on the OSU team. Randall demonstrated a strong commitment to the cycling team by riding from Albany to Corvallis each weekend for team rides, spending time with young riders and fostering team growth by building a community. Randall touched the lives of many during his time. The Randall G. Fox Memorial Scholarship will honor the dedication and love Randall had for cycling, the team, and racing. Each year, this academic scholarship will provide assistance to two members of the cycling team who are high achievers and dedicated cyclists. Through this scholarship, he will continue to have a positive impact on the lives of students and support their love of cycling.

In order to establish the Randall G. Fox Memorial Scholarship in the OSU Foundation endowment, which will allow it to continue in perpetuity, we need to raise $25,000. A donation to this scholarship will continue Randall's legacy by directly helping OSU students who are dedicated to both their studies and racing.

If you would like to make a direct donation, please visit here. The OSU Foundation is an IRS 501 c (3) non-profit corporation and your donation is tax deductible.

If you would like to make a donation in the form of a check, please make checks out to the OSU Foundation and put Randall G. Fox Memorial Scholarship in the memo line or write a small letter stating that the donation is for the Randall G. Fox Memorial Scholarship fund and mail to 850 SW 35th Street, Corvallis, OR 97333.

Another avenue of donation is by purchasing a memorial jersey the OSU Cycling Team has designed in Randall's memory. Attached is an image of the design. Within the next few weeks I will send out details regarding pricing and purchasing.

Please feel free to contact Victoria Jansen with any questions.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration,


Victoria Jansen OSUCT Officer - email

Conference FAQ

The conference now has a Frequently Asked Questions page. Link can be found HERE!

2013 Collegiate Cyclocross Series

The Emde Series will be occurring this year with collegiate categories. Information here. Collegiate CX Championships will be at this series on November 3rd, 2013 at Riverside State Park. Riders who participate in this series will be eligible to win cool USAC schwag.

2013 Collegiate Road Nationals Participants

The following riders participated in Collegiate Road Nationals in Utah this past May. Full results from the event can be found HERE.


  • D1 Erin Glover - Portland State University
  • D1 Erin Goodall - Portland State University
  • D1 Shelley Dunlop (Call Up) - Portland State University
  • D1 Amanda Lee Harrison (TTT only) - Portland State University
  • D1 Maire Osborn - University of Oregon
  • D1 Adrienne Stedford - Oregon State University
  • D1 Kelly Plese - University of Washington
  • D1 Rosalyn Zylkowski - Washington State University
  • D2 Rachel Geiter - Whitman College
  • D2 Mackinzie Stanley - Whitman College - National Champion
  • D2 Molly Blust - Whitman College
  • D2 Dani Dunlap (Call Up) - Western Washington University


  • D1 Austin Arguello (call up) - University of Oregon
  • D1 Cole Lalomia - Portland State University
  • D1 Peter Buco - Portland State University
  • D1 Will Niemann-Ross - University of Washington
  • D1 Rory Jack - University of Washington
  • D1 Dillon Caldwell - University of Oregon
  • D1 Zach Bowden - Washington State University
  • D1 Christian Buesch - Oregon State University
  • D1 Zhalong Wu - Oregon State University
  • D1 Ryan Bibko - Washington State University
  • D2 Michael Simecek (call up) - Western Washington University
  • D2 David Kessler - Western Washington University
  • D2 Todd Elenz - Willamette University
  • D2 Kevin Bernstein - Willamette University
  • D2 Seth Phillips - University of Montana
  • D2 Zach Heskett - Montana State University
  • D2 Neal Joslyn - University of Idaho
  • D2 Luke Ogden - Whitman College
  • D2 Alex Turpin - Willamette University
  • D2 Alberto Santos-Davidson - Whitman College
  • D2 Dan Benowitz - Western Washington University
  • D2 James Bird - University of Montana
  • D2 Sam Waples (TTT only) - Western Washington University

2013 Road Schedule

The 2013 Road Schedule has been posted online under schedules.